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 Last updated February 25, 2015

Nye’s Task Group (NTG) votes to support Shafer Richardson proposed design at the Nye’s site – the NTG met on February 10, 2015 at Ginger Hop to continue the review of a proposal for a major new housing and retail development at the Nye’s site (click here for details of NTG meetings). After wide ranging discussions among the Task Group and attendees at the meeting, the Task Group passed (by a 7 - 2 vote) a resolution recommending that the full NIEBNA Board support the design presented at the meeting. Consideration of this recommendation will be on the February 2015 NIEBNA Board meeting agenda.  

Lennar project at the Superior Plating site passes key milestone – Lennar Multifamily Communities has put down earnest money to activate their purchase agreement with the current owner of the site First And University LLC. The project which was supported by the NIEBNA Board at its January 2015 Board meeting is going forward – at long last. Details of the schedule for construction are yet to be determined.  Click here for information on the project design.

Final meeting of the Fifth Superior Plating Task Group (SPTG5) held on January 21, 2015 – the SPTG5 met on January 21, 2015 at Lourdes Church to review the latest revision of Lennar Multifamily’s design for a major new development at the former Superior Plating site. Peter Chmielewski (Lennar Sr Project Manager) and Aaron Roseth (ESG Architects) presented and discussed the design of the new development and and future milestones for the project. Attendance  was  51 people including SPTG5 members and interested residents.   

Click here for more information about the activities of the Task Group and the conceptual design presented at the meeting.

If is fair to say that the Task Group and others in attendance were “wowed” by the proposed design which is meets the high expectations for the site described in the NIEBNA Small Area Plan. At the conclusion of the meeting the Task Group, after a round of applause for the development team (a first), the Task Group unanimously passed a resolution in support of  the development design presented at the meeting.  

Nye’s Task Group (NTG) initial meeting – the initial meeting of the NTG was held on January 22, 2015. Details of the meeting at available here and under the PROJECTS menu button above.   

Public Comment period for MPRB Central  Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park Master Plan ends January 18, 2015 –  everyone is encouraged to read and comment on the Master Plan for the area around St Anthony Falls.  Master Plan here. NIEBNA comments at this here.

Superior Plating Site pollution remediation nearly complete – see pictures of final stages of the projects here.

Superior Plating Site pollution remediation the Final “Amended Voluntary Response Action Agreement” (full document here)  regarding pollution remediation at the Superior Plating site has been signed.

The organization meeting the “St Anthony Falls Alliance” called for November 12, 2014 – this multi-neighborhood task group of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the Falls will discuss and seek to formulate a common position and response the proposals for increased hydropower at the Falls

Call for “NIEBNA Neighborhood Scenes Picture Tours” submissions for the website details here.

Upcoming Events

NIEBNA February 2015 Board Meeting

February 25, 2015

6:30pm - 8:30pm

De La Salle High School - Casanova  Room


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